Partner with us to make life better for Hondurans.

Casa de Esperanza is entirely run by volunteers. We intentionally keep our overhead costs low to funnel as much money to our cause as possible. That is why 97% of your contribution goes directly to fund our programs and services in Honduras.

Your donations contribute directly towards:

Educational Opportunities

We help fund the education of eager young men and women in Honduras. Contributions made help teenagers graduate from high school, finish college, and gain sought after vocational skills. 

Medical Relief 

We provide an array of medial services including vision exams, dental hygiene and care, and disease prevention education. 

Construction Projects 

We enable external and local professional and skilled workers improve facilities, repair houses, build schools, expand kitchens that serve communities, and perform essential diseases preventive plumbing work. Your donations enable us to continue improving the living situation of Hondurans communities.

Make a Donation in Memory of David Geerligs 

David Geerligs (left), father of Casa de Esperanza's president Lori DeWitt, passed away recently. David loved spending time in Honduras and serving God's people there. He completed many building projects in Honduras, including the bunk beds in the mission house and the cement that was laid in the Sunday school classrooms at Iglesia de Dios. If you would like to make a donation to CDE ministries in honor of David, please click the link below.  

Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. 

The average monthly salary is below L8,500 (Lempiras) which equates $352 American dollars. It’s not a lot, considering the basic budget shown to here.


One month’s rent for a house. Home ownership is an unattainable goal for the majority of the country’s population.


Bus and taxi fares, since no one owns a car.


Is left for food and other expenses, and food is more expensive than it in the US. A whole raw chicken is L100, yet ironically sugary Coca-Cola® is less expensive than clean, bottled water. And because of a 40 percent interest rate, no one can afford to borrow money to pay for medical emergencies, home repairs, or other items we take for granted.

El Dólar Rinde Más En Honduras

Your dollars can go further in providing relief in Honduras. There is a saying there, “el dólar rinde más en Honduras,” meaning “you can wring more out of a dollar in Honduras.”


Provides vision exams and an assortment of dental care including cleanings and fillings.


Covers our water and electricity needs as well as a month's tuition for two children


Supports a child’s education, clothing, housing, and food for a month OR the cost of their school supplies

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