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Our Mission is Simple: Help in Honduras


Casa de Esperanza means House of Hope in Spanish. We seek to answer Jesus’ call to look after orphans in their distress, to feed the hungry, to give shelter to the stranger and to care for the sick. Some may ask: Why Honduras? Well, Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the world. Poverty is high, clean drinking water is hard to find, and many children are orphans who don’t go to school. We offer free medical, dental, housing and construction assistance, and educational outreach to the people in Honduras. We build schools, houses, churches, and bring hope to those in need. We are a nonprofit organization with 97 percent of all donations going directly to help in Honduras.


Testimonials: Medical, Dental, Educational, and Construction Assistance

Giving hope, making connections in Honduras.

Giving hope, making connections in Honduras.


“It’s all about the relationships we build with the people of Honduras. When you clean someone’s teeth, you can’t get much closer than that. When you build a house with someone, it doesn’t get much better than that.”

— Dr. Bill DeWitt, who oversees the dentistry ministry

“This organization not only brings medical and dental care to Honduras, they bring love, educational support, construction projects, more love, relationship building, networking with other agencies, and more love to the people of Honduras, they also bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to a people group who desperately are seeking TRUTH and GOD’S LOVE. Thanks for an Amazing experience Casa de Esperanza 2013 Mission Team!”

— Karen Troxel, volunteer



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