2019 Honduras Trip Prayer Guide

Our team is excited about this trip and we are praying that God will fill our hearts with love for children and open our minds to the way to use each of us to share that love to the people of Honduras! We are so honored and grateful that you have agreed to share in this opportunity with us, through your prayers and support. Please use the prayer points below as a guide and a reminder to help you pray for our team. May God deepen your own experience of His Love as you pray for others!

Just as a reminder, we will be working on a variety of projects, including construction, as well as continuing the support of our college girls and new boys education program.

Trip Dates: March 3 – 11, 2019

Sunday, March 3

Pray for our team as we begin our trip. We pray for traveling mercies and the prep work being done in Honduras. May we touch the lives of the many people that God places in our path this week.

FOCUS: Safe Travel & Settling in for a week of Ministry

Monday, March 4

Pray for our current students in Honduras. Pray for God to use these young men and women as examples of God’s Love and Devotion to their family, friends and others that cross their path on a daily basis.

FOCUS: Cultural and Physical Adjustment

Tuesday, March 5

Pray for our Graduates as they begin their new careers with Joy and Hope for a prosperous future. May they remember the Grace that God so freely gave them and always treasure all the things that we take for granted each day.

FOCUS: Grace and Love

Wednesday, March 6

Pray for the team member’s families at home and abroad as they patiently wait for the return of their loved ones. Grant them health and safety as God strengthens them during their time separated from their families.

FOCUS: Team Unity & Spiritual growth

Thursday, March 7

Pray for all the people that God placed in our path this week. We hope that we were able to show God’s Love through our actions this week. Let all that we have come in contact with this week know the Lord more through the work of the Holy Spirit.

FOCUS: Blessing our Students

Friday, March 8

Pray for the team as they gather together with our Christian brothers and sisters in Honduras at church today. May the Lord speak to us and deepen our relationship with Him.

FOCUS: Building Relationships and Physical Endurance

Saturday, March 9

Pray our representatives in Honduras, Ada and Chema and Julio & Ingrid. As well as Sandra, Norma as they work with the Compassion International program. May God grant them Insight.

FOCUS: Pray for a on-going work of the Holy Spirit in Honduras

Sunday, March 10

Pray with us as we worship our Lord today. May God continue to bless all the hands and mouths that we have come in contact with this week.

FOCUS: Compassion as our hearts grow towards Your world-wide mission

Monday, March 11

Pray for traveling mercies as we leave Honduras and arrive back in Michigan. Continue to pray for God’s grace over Casa de Esperanza and all the effort we make on His behalf in Honduras.

FOCUS: Safe Travel Home and Continuing Work in Honduras

Thank you for your prayers and support!